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Birthdate:Oct 14
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:Where you can find me until Eljay explodes
This is a backup journal, incase Eljay explodes.

Interests (150):

80s music, absolutely fabulous, ai no kusabi, alan cumming, aleister crowley, amv, and one, anime, anna maxted, arina toshimi, bdsm, biking, black, bleach, bloom county, blue, books, boys in eyeliner, boys in skirts, canopus, cats, cats with long snouts, chai, chaos magick, charles de lint, christopher s. hyatt, claymore, colony 5, comic books, counterculture, covenant, cross stich, dc vertigo, demons, depeche mode, dir en grey, disinformation, divination, douglas rushkoff, doujinshi, dragonlance, dvstorm, ebm, electronic, elizabeth wurtzel, erotica, evil, evocation, fanfiction, fantasy, farscape, figures on a beach, gaming, geraldine harris, goth, gothic, grant morrison, healing, heathers, hiei, hieixkurama, hiking, hitsugaya, hiyaku, hunter x hunter, invader zim, invocation, iris, isobelle carmody, junjou romantica, karasu, keeping emod in line, kill your boyfriend, knee socks, krispy kreme, kurama, kuronue, kuroshitsuji, libra, loveless, lush, mages, magick, marx brothers, masara minase, megadeth, mercedes lackey, merge, mesh, mind in a box, my big-ass tv, my hot girlfriend, nancy a. collins, naruto, neil gaiman, new order, nightmare before christmas, non-linear editing, obernewtyn, opus, owls, past life regression, paula volsky, pet shop boys, pinball, pornography, princess princess, quantum psychology, raistlin, ritual magick, robert anton wilson, robotech, roleplaying, saiyuki, sandman, sci-fi, scorpius, seirei no moribito, sex, sex magick, slc punk, sleep, sorcery, soul eater, synthpop, tarot, tennis, the cure, the endless, the invisibles, the matrix, the monkees, thelema, tim burton, timothy leary, toaster strudel, toko kawai, twin souls, ulquiorra, urotsukidoji, vampire: the masquerade, vanyel, videotape editing, vnv nation, voltaire, yami no matsuei, yaoi, youko kurama, yu yu hakusho, yusuke
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